About Us

What we offer

We, Free Home Deposit are a financial products services company that aims to offer the best services to our customers. Some of the things we stand firmly by

  • Our personal touch is unmatched to any in the business and we have our existing customers that vouch for the same. However, on the same note, we our services are extremely professional.
  • We have years of experience and research in this industry. Our members are part of various groups that study the local laws and rules. We also publish articles to help clients make the right choices.
  • When you approach us, we understand your requirements and tailor a plan that suits your specific need now. We understand that these may change with time and we are willing to go through that process together with you.
  • We assure you of our confidentiality, trustworthiness and promise to keep all the information secure.

We understand that the financial area is filled with too many legalities. It is bound to be confusing and overwhelming for any new entrant. Our experience in this area will ensure that you reach your goals which may be to secure that mortgage, manage your finances, buying property or real estate.

Before we begin the process of advising you, we create a profile for our customers with all the key information regarding the various aspects of your finance or personal information that will eventually help us to advise you accordingly.We have vast experience in financial planning and canhelp you plan your finances to help you buy the home that you always wished you had, or very simply towards a happy retired life.

Many a times, there are issues in relation to your credit history and we have the sufficient experience and knowledge to advise you on your course of action. Real estate and property buying is a complex area and we can help you navigate through the myriad laws and processes to achieve your goals.

Come to us with your needs and allow us to help you achieve that goal!